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Geographical distribution[ edit ] Dari, which is sometimes called Farsi Persian , is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan the other being Pashto. In practice though, it serves as the de facto lingua franca among the various ethno-linguistic groups. Dari is spoken natively by about twenty-five percent to about eighty percent population of Afghanistan as a primary language. Moreover, many Pashtuns living in Tajik and Hazara concentrated areas also use Dari as a first language. The World Factbook states that eighty percent of the Afghan population speaks the Dari language. Dari-speaking communities also exist in southwestern and eastern Pashtun-dominated areas such as in the cities of Ghazni , Farah , Zaranj , Lashkar Gah , Kandahar , and Gardez.


Always give the audience something to take home. Always provide something specific the audience can do almost immediately. No matter how inspiring your message, every audience appreciates learning a tangible way they can actually apply what they"ve learned to their own lives. Inspiration is great, but application is everything: Never be afraid to say,"Tonight, think of an employee who is really struggling--and then tomorrow, do this and this to try to rescue them.

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While even a non-French could correctly make this assumption, most would only have a vague idea on the level of difference between the two. Most linguists agree that the difference between them is larger than that of British and US English, and is comparable to European vs. This will help us understand the differences better.

Some linguists believe that, during this time several French varieties became merged in the new colony of New France. The French that was brought to the colony was also isolated, during this time the noticeable differences between the French varieties began to appear. Standard European French developed with European influences, while Canadian French were infused with significant influences from the English language.

Business deals were mainly in English, which forced French Canadians to use English alternatives for words that were missing from the French Canadian vocabulary during the time. The Quiet Revolution in the s saw a major drive towards embracing their cultural identity among French Canadians. Although it can be seen to have a few influences from neighbouring foreign languages, such influences are subtle, even barely noticeable, in spoken Metropolitan French.

It is almost a given that the two varieties of French, when spoken, will have different accents and intonations; just like British and American English. A French Canadian will generally have no problem communicating with anyone speaking Metropolitan French, though he or she may have to adjust his accent somewhat to be understood.


Visit or relocate to any of these islands and you can relax, knowing you will be able to communicate with the local people. Integrating into the local community and making friends outside of the usual expat circles is vital for anyone overseas. The ability to converse in your mother tongue with the locals is not to be underestimated. For those who are keen to learn, many of these islands speak more than one language. You can learn a new language with the safety net of being able to revert back to English if you get stuck!

The Best Ways To Learn A Foreign Language Today ] Here at Live and Invest Overseas we like to think of ourselves as impartial, so it would be remiss of me not to mention some of the downsides to living on an island in the sun.

The English Speaking club Catalunya is an international group of friends who meet on a regular bases. We organise dinners, leisure activities, parties, sports activities, and trips to the countryside. So if you want to practise your English or other languages and make new friends from all over the world then come and join us. The English Speakers club Catalunya es un grupo internacional de.

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It offers magnificent architecture, eye-catching perspectives, atmospheric streets and bridges. Like the rest of the French capital, it is a combination of history and elegance, and in sections, tacky touristy eateries and shops. It is crowded and loud, yet, at certain times of day, and off season, one can stroll around the island and enjoy a slice of the authentic, romantic experience Paris is famous for around the world. It is more than years old, and developed over the centuries as a military and government center.

As such, it is packed with landmarks, several of which are Historic Monuments of France or Unesco World Heritage sites. Every day, visitors flock to these iconic landmarks and are willing to line up, sometimes for hours, to experience some of the magic.

# Eastern Shore Vegan Dineouts and Potlucks.

She is probably most famously known for speaking at her father"s funeral in July at the mere age of 11 years old. She was born on April 3, , in Beverly Hills, California. Jackson was allegedly named after the French city she was conceived in and both her father and paternal grandmother. Jackson was raised solely by her father, who received full custody rights following his divorce in , although Rowe had stated it was her intention and agreed upon with Michael that he would raise and have custody of the children.

She grew up at Neverland Ranch with her siblings. On public outings with their father, Prince and Paris" faces were always obscured from the public and media. During her childhood, she and her siblings often wore masks during public outings with their father to hide their faces from the public. In an interview, her mother Debbie Rowe revealed that she was the one who had come up with the idea of her children hiding their faces. Rowe also said that this precaution was taken as she used to receive kidnap threats when Prince and Paris were babies.

Following her father"s death in , her grandmother Katherine was made the permanent guardian of her and her brothers, while Rowe obtained visitation rights.

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Just prove me it is impossible! Then this Simeoni saw a tiny farm in the land called"Gergovia" and too quickly wrote he had found the"actual" place of the battle. Limited search by Stoffel in the s under the request of Napoleon III, interested in French history, brought a too quick decision of renaming a small"Merdogne" village into"Gergovia" in January For about years now, French and international historians are looking for the archeological tracks of the Gergovia battle won by the Arverns and their Gaul allied people over the Caesar troups and legions.

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Meet the new Yabiladi Yabiladi is finally launching an English version dedicated to its readers around the world. The online newspaper will be a gateway to Morocco for its English-speaking audience. Dedicated to the Moroccan diaspora, the website has eventually made its way to the Kingdom, operating in Casablanca since First published in French, the portal decided to broaden its audience in Morocco and reach the non-French speaking diaspora by launching an Arabic version a few years back.

It seemed primordial afterwards to expand our reader base, targeting Moroccans who are neither French nor Arabic-speakers.

Not all French people speak English, but most of the people I know here have at least a basic notion of simple words and phrases. Overall good experience with french, i like Paris i like french people very good looking people. Reply. LUCY M. July 5, at pm – When in a more suitable time, try speaking with french people: When.

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Rodney Alcala, known as"The Dating Game Killer" because he sought to use his appearance on the game show in his defense, was declared guilty of murdering year-old Robin Samsoe and four young women. Alcala previously had been convicted twice in the murder of the girl, but both times the verdict was overturned. Watch the full story Thursday on"Nightline" at

Apr 27,  · The problem with cobblestones is that in the English-speaking world they tend to connote quaint winding streets in olde worlde tourist towns, even though cobblestone is exactly what a pavé is, whereas they"re used all over Paris (because they"re more durable than tarmac, I read once). But it"s true you can"t pelt riot police with paving stones.

EPA Speaking good English has long been seen as an important life skill in Germany, and children start learn the language as early as kindergarten. But the German language is increasingly becoming a political issue amid the perceived threat from immigration and globalisation. Fashionable Berlin districts such as Mitte and Prenzlauerberg have long been home to large numbers of British and American expatriates, and with restaurants and bars recruiting staff from across Europe, it is not uncommon to find daily specials advertised in English and waiters who speak only limited German.

With Germany facing high levels of immigration, language has increasingly become an issue of identity. With people divided over what constitutes German culture, the language is the one element all sides agree on. Not every cultural difference is an enrichment.

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